Manena Arsuaga González, MA LPC is a licensed therapist who provides Counseling / Coaching Services to individuals, couples, families, children and groups. In addition she provides neurofeedback, yoga therapy, and thai yoga bodywork. The holistic integration of all these tools in her approach to therapy results in profound benefits, growth and empowerment for clients. It is a true healing experience for body/mind/soul.  Manena has worked as Counselor, Holistic Therapist and Speaker/Trainer in Puerto Rico, San Diego, California and in New York City during the past 17 years. She has been a consultant for early education programs and wraparound service programs throughout Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands and the US.
Manena Arsuaga González has a sophisticated academic preparation: She began her studies at Boston College (Massachusetts), where she earned a BA in Human Development and Sociology. She completed her graduate studies at the University of San Diego (California) where she specialized in Individual Counseling, Couple, Family and Children. Subsequently, she was became a certified teacher of Vinyasa Yoga at Atmananda in New York City and then as a teacher of Prenatal Yoga Teacher at Urban Yoga in Vancouver, Canada. In addition, she is a certified Doula who has aided many women and men in the births of their babies. 

Manena personally has been on the path of meditation since she was 10 years old.  At an early age, guided by her grandparents who raised her, discovered the power to live and enjoy the present moment, that forgiveness sets us free and the pace with which we breathe is the pace at which we live our lives. Manena seeks to empower her clients to live in their ultimate expression of joy, freedom and peace. 


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Manena González Arsuaga, MA