Neurofeedback Testimonies

"The process of taking a law bar exam  is one that causes serious levels of anxiety in us, this anxiety limits us and hinders our study and memorization. I recommend neurofeedback as a therapy that gives us control over our bodies and our minds. Today I am a lawyer and largely owe to neurofeedback, thanks. "
"My experience with Neurofeedback and Manena was very positive. I am a mother "homeschooler" and situations every day with my oldest son were making me lose patience very quickly. With therapy I managed a remarkable progress in changing my attitude. It helped me improve my temper and how he reacted to situations. I also re-learned how to meditate. This was my favorite part of the treatment. Knowing that I am able to take a moment to sit, relax, go into a state of calm and able to relax my body. I left my sessions everytime feeling peace and love in me. I recommend it to anyone. "
"For me neurofeedback allows you to reach a level of deep relaxation where you can see solutions clearly. Manena Gonzalez guides you both with yoga and neurofeedback to teach your body and mind the tools needed to achieve and maintain a balanced state. "    

"My experience with neurofeedback was: Before taking classes as a rule I was very nervous when taking an exam at the School of Law, so much so that when I had to take my revalidation of law nerves were so many that my mind went blank and unfortunately not spent. After receiving the results of my revalidation understood that in addition to studying needed extra help to take the bar exam for the second time and when I see a report in the newspaper El Nuevo day on neurofeedback and called me so much attention, I decided to take the opportunity to try something different for calm. the day of taking the revalidation practiced the exercises that taught me Manena and incredibly during the Review felt a tranquility that even I thought. by of course, months later I received a favorable results. I recommend 100% this neurofeedback as it helps to calm the anxiety that often leaves us develop as human beings. "

Att. Atty. Brenda Martine

After spending endless hours studying more while trying to overcome my anxieties about the revalidation and situations of daily living, and yet not see me with the results and place by which both had striven me, take a high and after reading an article in the newspaper about neurofeedback and its benefits I ventured to complement my efforts. It was the best decision I made, I wish I had found earlier. Neurofeedback, yoga and my efforts, led me to achieve the goal of spending my revalida better score than expected with. Neurofeedback does not change your situation or your responsibilities, but it is a crucial tool to channel what works and does not work, meet, nurture and learn to take control of yourself, trust yourself and avoid self-sabotage. It pushes us achieve that we propose. It's still part of me, and applied in all aspects of my life, I recommend it to everyone.


Yoga Therapy Testimonies

In life, God placed angels who help you in a difficult or dark time. I was going through a very difficult and overwhelming moment in my life, more was studying at the School of Law, and sought psychological help, but not I felt comfortable. at that time I met Manena and found emotional support and a balance in my life that much needed. Manena helped me deal with these emotional problems and align it with the requirements involving a career in law. Yogatherapy immensamente fostered an emotional balance that both needed and focus on my studies;. if it were not for the therapies and support provided by Manena, I do not know if I could today call a degree in Manena found an excellent and unique therapist, but also found a friend."

"Who would have thought, thanks to these therapies and I am in my third year !!!"


Video sobre Neurofeedback en entrevista a los expertos Sue y Siegfried Othmer. Aprenda como la autorregulación permite al cerebro funcionar mejor. Aplicaciones: Déficit de atención, Autismo, Migrañas, Dolor crónico, Ansiedad, Depresión, Insomnio, Niños y adultos. Para encontrar un profesional de Neurofeedback en su ciudad:


Virginia Rojas Albrieux. Telef: (571)2576714 Neurofeedback para Optimizar el Desempeño, presentando el trabajo de Rae Tattenbaum y Susan Othmer.


Learn more about neurofeedback training for athletes: A brief course of Peak Achievement Training helped an Australian Football player, Drew Petrie, to sharpen his shooting. He scored four goals in the next match, including the game winner. This story, from Melbourne, Australia's Sky TV, documents Petrie's training by sport psychologist Dr. Noel Blundell and its remarkable results.


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