Are you familiar with neurofeedback? If you are looking for balance, personal harmony, relational and growth this therapy is for you!

Neurofeedback is a completely natural training that works non-invasively with the central nervous system and brain waves. It teaches the individual to achieve optimal levels of wellness and balance alleviating symptoms of: 

-chronic pain
-attention deficit
-Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

In turn neurofeedback focuses on achieving the "peak performance" of individuals, athletes, executives and artists  It trains the brain into optimal performance helping to:

-Decision Making
-Concentration and Attention
-Reduce Errors
-Increase creativity
-Strengthen Memory
-Accelerate Learning
-Decrease Stress, Fears and Obsessive Thinking
-Increase Productivity
-Teach How to Relax
-Increase Self-confidence and Assertiveness
-Develop emotional intelligence 

Neurofeedback can also stimulate meditation and relaxation that result in optimal wellness for the individual. 


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